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Announcement: Pingdu Haomai Woodworking Machinery Parts Factory, was set up in 2001, is a professional factory for making woodworking machinery parts...

Graphite Coated Canvas Pressing Plate
Graphite Coated Canvas pressing plate
Sander Pressing Grinding beam
Pressure Segmented Belts
Elastic Liner

Quality Management: the full implementation of 5S movement, long-term adherence education and training, strengthening quality management and real-time quality-site review, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management mode of operation, lower the quality failure costs, strict control of external failure costs. To meet customer demand for quality and satisfied that period.
Quality Policy: product quality and stability, excellent service quality, customer wishes to meet!
Quality objectives: customer complaints ≤2 pieces per month; off back ≤1 pieces per month; through rate ≥90%; scrap rate ≤3%


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