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Announcement: Pingdu Haomai Woodworking Machinery Parts Factory, was set up in 2001, is a professional factory for making woodworking machinery parts...

Graphite Coated Canvas Pressing Plate
Graphite Coated Canvas pressing plate
Sander Pressing Grinding beam
Pressure Segmented Belts
Elastic Liner
Pressure Segmented Belts



Pressure Belts, also known as felt tap,pressure abrasive belt, which mating all kinds of keyboard sander (also known as sectional pressure pad sander) and multi-cylinder transverse belt sanding machine, lining on the back of the annular belt, synchronizedoperate with the belt. Applying to high gloss paint board (piano panel) and sorts of paint surface&rsquo;s high quality mirror surface polishing.



  • Wide segmented pressure belts

    As a support belt for use in wide-belt sanders

    Wide segmented pressure belts, regular size:1380*1800*3mm, any other size can accord to your request.





  • heavy duty cotton twill

  • felt thickness 3 mm /other thicknesses possible

  • design of the chevrons as required






  • Pressure chevron belts

    As a support belt for use in cross &ndash;sanding-operations


    Pressure chevron belts, regular size: 100*6850*3mm, 140*4350*3mm, 140*4450*3mm, any other size can accord to your request 



  • high tear strength due to double cotton twill

  • width up to 100 mm length up to 6850mm

  • laminations made from felt 



  • Felt polishing belts

    Used for polishing wood, plastic and metal surfaces



    Plastic and metal surfaces, regular size: 100*6850*5mm, 100*8650*5mm, any other size can accord to your request. It is divided into standard type flat belt and soft flat belt; most of the plastic and metal surfaces are mating multi axis plane sander.




  • single or double design of the carrier belt

  • special adhesion of the felt overlay

  • width up to 100 mm, lengths up to 6850mm

  • felt hardness 0,35, felt thickness 5 mm (other forms on request )





    Narrow segmented pressure belts  

   As a support belt for use in Sander 


Narrow segmented pressure belts, regular size: 140*4350*3mm, 140*4450*3mm, any other size can accord to your request.

special adhesion of the felt overlay 








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